Fallacies of the Indian Education System

We focus on engineers and doctors and other subjects are close to non-existence. Ask many and they reply Engineer or Doctor. When they ask your stream and you reply 'Humanities' they ask you the question- Didn't you score well? Why not sciences?


Success Vs Failure

Humans are an interesting species. Probably the smartest among all the other ones, humans clearly dominate on speaking their minds. But many a time when we see, hear people around us we feel that they are so unpredictable. Many a times we are not able to cope up with many feelings. We feel an upsurge … Continue reading Success Vs Failure

The Blacks and the Whites of Organic Food

Big headlines seem to make noise nowadays. Especially those of organic yields. Over the years people have recognized the need of switching to 'organic' products to escape from the dangerous adulterated products. The benchmark was set up by the rich who thought of switching to these niceties. But was it their trust in those products … Continue reading The Blacks and the Whites of Organic Food